In addition to being one of the most frequently used methods in the treatment of obesity, gastric ballooning is a highly effective treatment type. This surgical procedure carries some risks like every surgical operation. Although some complications result in death, we cannot say that the gastric balloon is fatal in general. Let's list these risks for you as follows;

  • There is a risk of infection during the placement of the balloon in the stomach. Infection can cause major problems for the body.
  • If the gastric balloon placed in the stomach is of poor quality, it can cause fatal problems. Especially poor quality balloons made in China bring all possible problems.
  • In rare cases, damage to the stomach wall may occur during the placement of the gastric balloon.
  • The movement or bursting of the gastric balloon in the stomach is one of the biggest problems that can be experienced and can result in death. The water inside the gastric balloon is blue in color so that when it bursts, it can be noticed by the patient while urinating. If the bursting or perforation is not noticed or intervened, the balloon can escape into the intestines and cause intestinal obstruction.
  • Gastric perforation can cause serious problems after gastric balloon application. Damage to the stomach wall by the gastric balloon may require surgical intervention.
  • Bleeding, infection or rupture in the stomach or esophagus during the insertion or removal of the gastric balloon may cause major problems.
  • Although it is not considered a fatal effect, it can trigger some conditions that will affect your quality of life. These include side effects such as nausea, vomiting, gas, reflux, bad breath. 

Since the balloon placed in your stomach is perceived as a foreign body by your stomach, you may experience nausea, vomiting and even cramps for the first day or two. This may not be permanent. You can understand this by observing the first three days.

If you are going to have a gastric balloon operation, your doctor will share the above risks with you. We recommend that you do not undergo the operation without taking these risks into consideration. 

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