One of these approaches is the use of Dental Prostheses. We will try to explain questions such as: "What is a Dental Prosthesis?", "How to Apply Dentures?" and "How to Get a Dental Prosthesis Done in Turkey?" in this article that we have prepared for you.

What is Dental Prosthesis?

What is Dental Prosthesis?

A Dental Prosthesis is a procedure used where a tooth or tissue in the mouth is absent for any reason. Based on the number of missing teeth, and the positioning of the teeth in the patient's mouth, various prosthetic versions are available. In addition to complete and partial dentures, Dental Implants have been increasingly common in recent years. In the prostheses used in recent times, the durability of the prosthesis and cosmetic concerns generally have been prioritized.

Can Dental Prostheses be Removed?

There are two different answers to this question. Some Dental Prostheses may be taken off. Because of their numerous benefits, removable prostheses were often favored in the past. On the other hand, removable prostheses began to leave their place to implants as technology has advanced.

Can Dental Prostheses be Removed?

What are the Types of Dental Prosthesis?

Dental Prostheses can be examined in 3 categories. It can be defined as mobile, semi-mobile and fixed.

A Dental Prosthesis is usually applied in three ways. These are movable, semi-movable, and fixed prostheses. Movable prostheses are also divided into different types within themselves. One of them is traditional prosthetics. Dentures that many of us see in family elders, grandmothers, and grandfathers are actually all traditional dentures. The size of a person's mouth is measured for these dentures, and a custom prosthesis is made to fit that mouth. Temporary prostheses are another type of prosthesis. After the patient's mouth size is taken, these dentures are used until the actual prosthesis is made for them. It could be described as a Decal Prosthesis. If there are healthy and complete teeth in the mouth, partial dentures are used. These dentures are attached to a metal frame and are used in areas where teeth are missing. It prevents deterioration of the jaw structure and root slippage in other teeth thanks to its metal base.

Semi-removable prostheses, on the other hand, are prostheses that are implant-supported but not fixed.

Finally, there are fixed prostheses. These prostheses are applied to healthy roots or implants.

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How is a Dental Prosthesis Applied?

Before a Dental Prosthesis can be placed, a thorough examination of the mouth and jaw is required. If the mouth structure is found suitable, doctors take the size of the area with a special material (wax, etc.). It is necessary to emphasize the importance of the measurement process at this point. Minor mistakes will result in the prosthesis not fitting properly in the patient's mouth. A custom prosthesis is produced after the calculations are submitted to the dental laboratory. Turkey's dental labs stand out for their high degree of craftsmanship and inexpensive costs. Dental clinics in many European countries prefer Turkey for laboratory operations.

The prostheses prepared according to the size are then placed in the patient's mouth by the dentist.

How Does a Dental Prosthesis Look?

How Does a Dental Prosthesis Look?

In the past, prostheses, which were not very compatible with the mouth in terms of aesthetics, have reached a very aesthetic appearance today. Dental Prostheses are produced in colors that match the patient's bone tooth color. Thanks to the implants applied especially in recent years, it is not possible to separate real teeth from implants.

What are the Advantages of Dental Prosthesis?

The lack of teeth in the mouth will cause the jawbone to deteriorate over time. The neighboring tooth roots are shrinking and curving because of this. These drawbacks can be avoided by the use of Dental Prostheses and the removal of dental defects.

Furthermore, missing teeth in the mouth can make it difficult for a person to chew food. Patients can chew better and regain their quality of life with a dental prosthesis. In addition to these, many people suffer cosmetic difficulties as a result of lost teeth. Patients can also enhance their appearance with dental prostheses.

Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey

Dentures are one of the most popular dental procedures around the world, and they're also fairly common in Turkey. Turkey has been providing Dental Prostheses to international patients for many years, both directly to the patient and indirectly through laboratories. In Turkey, there are health agencies that have been approved by the Ministry of Health to provide services in the field of health. International patients can meet with dentists and other experts for their needs through these agencies. By sending oral and jaw X-rays to the doctor before arriving in the country, the patient can get an idea of the concept and an estimated treatment plan.