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Skin analysis and care

Skin analysis is a procedure performed before starting the care practice. It is the process of determining the patient's skin type by testing with criteria such as dry, oily, mixed, acne, and black dot, signs of aging, sun damaged, and dehydration. It includes many procedures.

Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Skin resurfacing treatments are applied to reveal healthy skin. For this, it helps to have younger and more beautiful skin by destroying the most damaged outer layers of the skin and promoting the growth of new-healthy skin cells.

Dermatological Treatments

All basic dermatological diseases are diagnosed and treated. Each treatment has different sessions and methods. Natural methods that give precise results are preferred.

Laser Treatments

Thanks to laser applications, there has been a significant increase in the reduction or delay of plastic surgery operations. Lasers are highly reliable and satisfactory when applied in the hands of experts and at the right indications.

Hair Treatments

ETG and PRP are only two of these treatment methods. Medication. It prevents hair loss and provides thickening of existing hair follicles.

Scar and crack treatments

By feeding certain specific amino acid-based serums to the skin along with a fully Bio-compatible magnetic field, you can get rid of your cracks without feeling any pain, without any restrictions on your living standards. Biodermogenecy regenerates the skin, normalizes blood circulation, increases oxygen levels to normal levels, and makes lymphatic microcirculation optimal.

Fat and Cellulite Treatments

The most appropriate treatments for regional slimming and cellulite are applied. These laser-assisted treatments give results in a short time.

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Creation Date: 11.11.2022

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