We have answered your questions about why you should get health care in Turkey.  In this article you can get an idea of why international patients prefer Turkey.

1- Specialist Doctors In the Field

Specialist Doctors In the Field

As in many areas, Turkey is on the hight ranks worldwide with the quality of its education in the field of health. . Thanks to quality education, experts and successful physicians are trained in their field. After 6 years of medicine  education, Doctors who do their own specialization training  from 2 to 6 years depending on their specialty have the opportunity for developing their experiences in the field. Due to frequently hosting patients from surrounding and far countries for treatments , doctors gain the opportunity to recognize and experience many cases. That is the one reason that increases the achievement of Turkish doctors.

2- High Hospital Quality

Especially in recent years, with the investments made by both the state and the private sector in the field of health In Turkey, the quality of hospitals and clinics has been moved to the highest level. Thanks to the investments made the vast majority of hospitals in Turkey serve as 5-star hotels and they offer lots of facilities to the patients. This  displays that it is both a consecuence and a reason of this deep interest. Health tourism workers who put the top effort to be able to serve best to the growing demand, at the same time they open up the opportunity of intensifying the increasing demand.

One of the elements that carry this quality to the top is the health sector in Turkey itself is able to keep up with digital and online solutions quickly. Both public and private hospitals in Turkey have the ability to make appointments over the internet in almost all hospitals and there are services such as accessing test results online.

This digitalization provides great convenience especially for international patients follow-ups both before arriving Turkey and after the treatment when they return to their countires. And this is the one the the biggest factors that makes Turkey desirable.

3- Specialist Brokerage Firms

Increasing interest in health has brought many developments to Turkey. Both for patients to receive a maintained quality of Service and to determine the standards of this service, some legal arrangements were made. PAtients are supposed to contact with brokerage firms to get medical service. These brokerage firms play an important role to bring the healthcare they need by making connection with patients. After the patients forward their needs to the brokerage firms, and they offer the best options for the patients. Ensuring that the patient receives the best treatment.

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4- International JCI Accreditation

Many international instutitions approved the success of health industry of Turkey. Joint Commission International (JCI), is one of the most important instutitions of the world, also confirms the improved service in Turkey's health sector. JCI is a unit established by the non-profit Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) for international accreditation services, which focuses on increasing the quality and safety of healthcare services. Hospitals must complete many conditions in order to have JCI accreditation, which is defined as the quality standard in international health services.

The number of institutions that have the JCI accreditation in Turkey, is taking place in the first three in the world. A total of 44 health institutions in Turkey have this certificate.

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5- Lower Exchange Rate Advantage

Turkey, as a health route that preferred so much due to the lower exchange rate advantage by international patients. Unlike many of the European and Middle East countries, Turkey provides high patient satisfaction with affordable prices offered in health care. Come together with affordable prices of health care services offered 5 stars as we mentioned before, Turkey is carrying an advantageous point.

6- Enough Experience on International Patients

Enough Experience on International Patients

Wth well-trained doctors in the field of high-quality hospital has provided advantages such as low exchange rate factors, Turkey has become a country which is being preferred by international patients. This intense demand enabled both to gain experience in international patients and to develop services for them.

The Turkish healthcare system, which can easily understand the needs of international patients, respond quickly and produce solutions, has been showing its difference in this field for many years.

7- Hospitality


With no doubt, Turkish hospitality is one of the most important facotrs that make Turkey is a popular stop for international patients.

One of the most important things a patient needs besides a good doctor and comprehensive health care is an understanding and caring attitude. The world-renowned characteristic of Turkish culture is hospitality, in this sense, it can respond to the psychological needs of patients.

Do not forget that a positive atmosphere and a positive mood in the treatment of many diseases accelerate the process and contribute to the treatment process of the patient.

8- Cosmopolitan Social Structure

For centuries, Anatolia had hosted different societies and minorities and is hosting in this multinational community structure with hosting a culture respectful of differences. For this reason, it has always been known for its hospitality and tolerance towards people of different nationalities.

Thanks to this tolerant atmosphere, international patients can comfortably spend time in the country during the entire treatment process.

9- Historical, Cultural and Social Richness

Cosmopolitan Social Structure

With its historical and cultural elements, Turkey hosts the world's most-visited destinations. The country, which is a popular tourist destination for 4 seasons of the year, is one of the first places preferred by tourists looking for all kinds of holidays. While the country hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists on the Mediterranean coast during the summer months, it also stands out as a cultural tourism destination with historical monuments all over the country.

All these tourism destinations, makes Turkey very often the preferred place for health tourism. Tourists, who come to the country, have the opportunity to see the natural, historical and cultural riches of the country while receiving health services.

10- Accessibility


Thanks to improved transportation network and location advantage, Turkey provides great convenience for international patients. There are direct flights from dozens of countries to 37 of the 58 civil airports operating in the country. The country, which has a developed air and road network between provinces, offers its guests an advanced service in the field of transportation.

Thanks to airport transfer services, car rental services and developed public transportation network, guests coming to the country can easily access many conveniences in terms of transportation.

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