Yes, it is now possible to cross continents with a plane ticket, but what about after getting off the plane?

At this point, Turkey comes to the fore not only with airport and airline services but also with airport transfer services. Turkey hosts the first largest airport made from scratch in the world. Compared to the area of all the other airports in the world, Istanbul airport is ranked fourth. Turkey, home to Istanbul airport, also holds the title of being the homeland of Turkish Airlines, one of the world's largest airline companies.

This advanced airline also manifests itself in airline transfer services. we answered the question; "How can I reach the hospital from the airport in Turkey?" for you in this article.

Car Rental

Car Rental for Airport Transfer

Turkey is a country where car rental services are highly-developed. There are local and international car rental companies in every city of the country. These companies, which have offices in both city centers and airports, serve domestic and foreign guests in a quality-way. Many of these companies provide multilingual services. Both oral communication and document processing services received with multilingual services increase the quality of service and contribute to the provision of healthy communication.

Car Rental Terms & Conditions

Foreigners with a driver's license in Turkey can also benefit from car rental services. There are some criteria and procedures that foreign citizens with driver's licenses must follow while renting a car. First of all, there must be an entry stamp on the passport that indicates entry to the country from the airport.

Foreign guests can drive a car in Turkey with their driver's license (driver's license of the country in which they are citizens) for a maximum of six months.

For more detailed information on how to rent a car in Turkey, see our article about; “how to rent a car in Turkey?". 

As is known, health services in Turkey are at the highest level. Private hospitals and health institutions also provide consulting services to ensure the satisfaction of international patients. In this context, you can request detailed information about car rental from your hospital.

Airport Transfer Services

Airport Transfer Services

For some guests, renting a car in a country where they are a foreigner and not aware of its rules is not a very preferred transportation option. At the same time, car rental is not a preferred method if the person does not have a driver's license. In such a case, airport transfer services come in.

Private companies provide a transfer service that allows the passenger to reach the desired location by taking them from the airport. The type of vehicle in which this service will be provided varies according to the number of passengers. There are companies providing airport transfer services in almost all cities of Turkey.

While planning your trip, you can make the necessary arrangements in advance according to your flight times by researching the airport transfer services. In this way, you will not encounter any difficulties when you arrive in the country.

But it should also be noted that even if you do not make any prior arrangements, you can also get an airport transfer service instantly by visiting the companies located at the airport.

Special Public Transport Vehicles

Special Public Transport Vehicles

In Turkey, there are different companies that provide public transport to airports. You can follow the time and location information of these companies that provide public transport between the airport and the different central points of the city from the company's websites.

Private public transportation service is one of the most commonly used airport transportation, which is used by both domestic and international visitors in the country, due to the suitability of both costs and the availability of stops at the most preferred locations.

Havas is the most widely used airport public transportation company in Turkey. You can get the necessary information by reviewing their website

In order to give you an idea, we can indicate that the prices of these vehicles range from 15 to 50 Turkish Lira.

Municipal Public Transport Vehicles

In addition to private public transport services, many city municipalities in the country also provide airport transfer services. For more information about these services, you can visit the websites of municipalities that work just like private public transport companies.


Taxi for Transfer

In addition to all these services, taxi services are also highly developed in the country. Many taxis can be found just outside the airport exit door. Taxi prices vary per KM and by city.

Last but not Least

Many hospitals in Turkey also provide support in the transportation planning of their international patients. Therefore, be sure to consult your hospital while making arrangements for your airport transfers!